Welcome Neighbor! 


My name is Susan Lontine and I am running to be your State Representative in Southwest Denver. I personally fell in love with Colorado and Denver when I moved here from my home state of Florida with my husband, Chuck. We moved to Southwest Denver in 1998 and raised our children in the neighborhood where my husband grew up and went to high school. He often points out to me the landmarks of his youth, and tells me of his youthful exploits.  Southwest Denver has changed from the days when Chuck grew up here.  We have always been a diverse neighborhood. The Colorado Latino families have been joined by immigrant Latino families and we have a growing Vietnamese community. Add to this mix the suburban middle class families in the southern end of House District 1 and our district becomes one of the most diverse populations in the state. This diversity gives us strength and challenges.

I have been a lifelong Democrat and became active with the Denver Democratic Party in 2006 because I wanted to be engaged in my community. As a precinct committee person and Captain of House District 1, I have had the opportunity to walk our neighborhoods, to get to know the people who live here and to see our strengths and where we need help. I have worked at the state legislature for our current Representative, Jeanne Labuda and spent the last three years as Chief of Staff for Senator Irene Aguilar, M.D., who also represents a large part of House District 1.

Achieving the American Dream seems harder by the day. Many of our neighbors here in Southwest Denver struggle in low income jobs, and the dream of going to college gets more expensive every day. Taking care of their families and planning for their future is a constant worry. These families need a hand up. I want to represent House District 1 because I believe everyone deserves a chance to work for the American Dream. As your next State Representative:

  • I want to raise the minimum wage here in Colorado so that workers can earn a wage that allows them the chance to pay their own way and build their own future.
  • I want to make college and continuing education more affordable for everyone so that a good education can pave a way to a career with a livable income and the benefits of a secure retirement.
  • I want to work with Senator Aguilar and advocate for affordable, quality health care for everyone.
  • I want to protect a woman's right to choose under Roe v. Wade and I want to protect the right to access to birth control so that women can plan for families and their futures.  
  • I want to do these things and more to advocate for those who need a ladder up because that is the American Dream and the bedrock of my Democratic values. I know that when we have a thriving middle class, we all succeed.

To get these things done, I need your help. I need your donations to fund my campaign so that I can reach out to everyone in House District 1. Please help me give working families here in Colorado the support they need to achieve their dreams with your contribution of $10, $25 or $50. I cannot do this without your help. Please forward my letter to any of your friends you believe would be interested in hearing from me.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail!


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